Dari Cook-McGibbon

Associate Professor, Simulation Coordinator

Office: Main Building, Room 512C

Associate Professor Dari Cook McGibbon , Simulation Coordinator

M.S. in Nursing from The Sage Graduate Schools
B.S. in Nursing from The Sage Colleges
A.S. in Nursing from Columbia-Greene Community College
A.S. in Individual Studies from Columbia-Greene Community College


September 1, 2017

Dari began working at C-GCC as Adjunct Faculty in 2009, after many years of experience working at St. Peter’s Hospital, in Albany, NY, in the Intensive Care Unit. She then returned as Adjunct Faculty to C-GCC again from 2014-2017, when she was hired full-time.


NU 101 Clinical Conference
NU 101 and 102 Lab Instructor
NU 201 and 202 Clinical
NU 202 Clinical Conference

Dari enjoys travelling, gardening, working in the pottery studio and spending time with friends and family.