College in the High School

Columbia-Greene’s College in the High School (CIHS) program offers academically eligible students the opportunity to earn credit for high school and college at the same time. The CIHS program is a collaboration between Columbia-Greene Community College and partner school districts providing students a convenient and affordable option to earn college and high school credit concurrently. Columbia-Greene courses are taught at local high schools by qualified teachers at one-third the cost of current tuition.

Participation in dual enrollment courses provides students with the experience of college-level learning earlier, strengthening their likelihood to continue and find success in college. CIHS students are required to meet the same academic standards as all other Columbia-Greene students, including course pre- and co-requisites, academic eligibility, semester deadlines, and course completion requirements. Courses offered through the College in the High School program are of the same academic level and rigor one would experience while in college and the decision to participate in the program should be made with great consideration.

Credits earned by participating students are the same as those received by traditionally enrolled Columbia-Greene students and may grant advanced standing at their college of choice. Upon completion of a CIHS course official grades, including withdrawals, will appear on the student’s Columbia-Greene transcript.

To request an official transcript of coursework completed via Columbia-Greene’s in the High School program, please follow these instructions.