Diane M. Lew-Snider


Office: Main Building, Room 215

Professor Diane Lew Snyder

Ph.D. in Nursing from Boston College
M.S. in Nursing from Russell Sage College
B.S. from SUNY Polytechnic
Diploma in Nursing from St. Joesph’s School of Nursing Syracuse


August 10, 1987

Diane has worked at C-GCC for 35 years.  She enjoys gardening, reading, cooking, and playing with her dog. Diane is a first generation college student, fourth generation nurse and the first in her family with a Ph.D.

  • Nursing I
  • Nursing II
  • Nursing III
  • Nursing IV

Diane is interested in OB and critical care nursing. She likes studying about communicable diseases and the history of nursing.  She is learning how to speak Swedish and was the past president of the New York League of Nursing