Clubs and Organizations

These days, joining a student organization is about more than just fun.

In fact, according to the global employment website, prospective employers want college graduates to demonstrate how active they’ve been on campus and in the community. Extracurricular activities offer the perfect opportunity for students to build leadership skills through community outreach, and to show hiring managers they’ve got what it takes to get the job done.

C-GCC offers a vibrant lineup of on-campus clubs, organizations, and societies to enhance the educational experience outside the classroom.

Students are invited to raise awareness, discover community, and engage in exciting events and opportunities by joining one today!

Recognized Clubs/Organizations*

This club unites students to advocate for animal rights and safety. Together, students work to expose the ongoing abuse of animals in the modern world, and learn to protest for a more humane and compassionate society.

Advisor: Nicole Childrose
Office: Room 201J, Main Building


This club introduces students to the world of business and technology and provides an opportunity to be involved on campus, while gaining valuable skills and networking.

Advisor: Paula Shelly
Office: Room 201K, Main Building

This club promotes student involvement in conservation efforts, particularly within the Northeastern United States region, creating awareness of the importance of such endeavors.

Advisor: Rebecca Pinder
Office: Room 512A, Arts Building

This club encourages professionalism, education, and training in the field of criminal justice. Students are provided with social and academic opportunities that place an emphasis on community betterment and personal growth.

Co-Advisor: Frankie Beaver-Timmons
Office: Room 213A, Main Building

Co-Advisor: Mel Bruschetti
Office: Room 213D, Main Building

The Gaming Club unites students who have an interest in playing games — video games, computer games, collectible card games, tabletop role-playing games, and more — and strives to provide students with on-campus opportunities for both casual and competitive gameplay experiences.

Advisor: Jared Wagner
Office: Room 201R, Main Building

This organization promotes greater social equality for all people. The alliance aims to unite members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies to establish and maintain a positive, nonjudgmental community where all members can fully express their individuality, and to increase awareness, decrease intolerance, and create a welcoming and accepting environment for all.

Advisor: Barbie Shaffer
Office: Room 201A, Main Building

This club promotes increased understanding of the field of Human Services through meetings, guest speakers, and participation in conferences. The club members also engage in service to the community to aid those in need.
Advisor: TBA

This club’s purpose is to increase awareness of human rights issues and influence the students at C-GCC to be socially conscious, politically aware, and civically involved.

Advisor: Nicole Childrose
Office: Room 201J, Main Building

The Psychology Club enhances the appreciation and understanding of psychology in all areas of life through a variety of social and educational opportunities. Students are encouraged to create and engage in activities that help foster this goal in a diverse, collaborative, and engaging setting.

Co-Advisor: Berne Bendel
Office: Room 113R, Main Building

Co-Advisor: Barbara Shaffer
Office: Room 201A, Main Building



Registered Clubs/Organizations*

Under the supervision of the Office of Admissions, this group consists of selected student volunteers who represent the student body and provides a unique opportunity for students to become involved with the college’s outreach efforts. Students participate in Orientation, College Night, student tours/visitation, career fairs, high school visits, and other admissions related activities. Students who are interested in becoming an Ambassador must complete a Student Ambassador Application available in the Admissions Office.

Advisor: Drew Ledoux
Office: Student Services Suite, Main Building


The Student Veterans Club provides an on-campus association for student military veterans to work together, advocate for veteran needs, and provide camaraderie and services to the campus and local community. It is open only to registered students who are military veterans. Proof of veteran status, such as DD214 or Veterans ID card, is required for membership.

Advisor: Catherine Carlson
Office: Room 101A, Main Building

Honor Societies

This chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society recognizes adult students who attain academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work.

Advisor: Catherine Carlson
Office: Room 101A, Main Building

This National Honor Society recognizes and encourages the academic excellence of students, while providing them with various opportunities to further their education.

Co-Advisor: Michael Cotrone
Office: Room 201F, Main Building

Co-Advisor: Paula Shelly
Office: Room 201K, Main Building


Student Government

Student Senate:
The purpose of the Student Senate is to act as the governing body of the Student Government Organization (SGO), which consists of every full- and part-time registered student. It is the duty of the Student Senate to accurately allocate student activity fees to student clubs, organizations, and intercollegiate athletic teams to represent the needs and interests of the SGO, and to propose changes and opportunities to better the campus environment.

Advisor: Caitlin Twomey
Office: Room 302C, Main Building

Athletics – Go Twins!

Men’s Basketball
Women’s Basketball
Men’s Baseball
Women’s Softball
Women’s Soccer

Athletic Director: Nicolas Dyer
Office: Room 307, Main Building

*What is the difference between a Recognized Student Organization and a Registered Student Organization?

A Recognized Student Organization can be awarded funding from student activity fee funds. Access is available to channels of advertisement such as bulletin boards,  promotion tables, and campus facilities. To become a Recognized Student Organization, a group needs to comply with all appropriate regulations, including the college’s  “all-comers” policy.

A Registered Student Organization does not receive funding from the College but has access to college facilities to promote and conduct its activities. Compliance with the college’s “all-comers” policy is not required. Groups must provide a stated purpose, complete a registration packet, submit officer names and contact information, create a constitution and bylaws, and enlist a faculty advisor. Groups do not need to maintain a minimum number of members.

Any new student organization or sports team wishing to become registered or recognized can contact the Student Activities Office for guidelines at 518-697-6315, or inquire using our web form.