Press Release: Columbia-Greene Dedicates First Permanent Outdoor Sculpture


November 27, 2023


Catskill Artist Susan Lisbin’s Presence Graces the College’s Quad


HUDSON –  Columbia-Greene Community College is pleased to announce the dedication of its first permanent outdoor sculpture, created especially for the college by one of its Ceramics Open Studio students, Susan Lisbin. The vertically-oriented sculpture, titled Presence, stands taller than most people and has a human-like presence, with two thick legs and a maze of bulbous protrusions. Students and visitors to the campus will see the sculpture in front of the Arts Building for years to come.

Dr. Carlee Drummer, President of Columbia-Greene, commented, “Heartfelt thanks to Susan Lisbin for donating her unique sculpture to the College. Her work also is a wonderful testament to the creativity that comes to life in the Ceramics Open Studio.”

Regarding the inspiration for the sculpture, Lisbin states, “I based my idea on two sculptures I had previously completed. The work was very physical – working with a few hundred pounds of clay and, at times, standing on a table to reach the sculpture. Each section had to be fired separately with a few strong people lifting the piece into the kiln.”

Lisbin, who lives in Catskill and has studios in her home and at the Foreland arts complex, was born in 1948 in the Bronx and raised in New Jersey. She has a BA in painting from Ramapo College and an MA in painting from Montclair State University. She exhibits extensively in New York City and the Hudson Valley.

The dedication of the sculpture is on Thursday, November 30th from 12:30-1:30PM in front of the Arts Building, and the artist will be present for the event. Members of the public are welcome to attend.