Social/Cultural History of Cannabis (3 credits)

Course Number / CRN # SL 170 30318

Offered January 17 – March 8

This course explores cannabis culture through various historical, sociological, psychological, and anthropological perspectives. Topics include historical and current uses, criminalization and discrimination, pop culture and media coverage, activism and movements toward legalization. Students taking this class will develop a foundational understanding of cannabis as both a medicinal and recreational tool in historic and contemporary societies.

Outline of Major Topics:

This course will provide a foundation for understanding the socio-cultural and historical backgrounds, as well as economic and political perspectives of cannabis use in the United States and around the globe. Students will explore the confluence of cannabis and culture, covering topics such as the history of marijuana uses in various cultures, the criminalization of marijuana and its associated discriminatory policies, social activism and policy advocacy, legalization, historical and contemporary media portrayals of cannabis users, youth cannabis culture, gender and racial equity issues, and more.


This curriculum will be taught asynchronously, using the College’s LMS (Learning Management System). Students will need to access video content and readings to participate in a discussion board and complete assessments.  They will have access to the instructor via virtual meetings and email, as well as the program coordinator either on-campus or remotely