College News: C-GCC Student Plans to Give Back in Africa

By Jammel Cutler, Columbia-Greene Media, Nov 22, 2023

Photo Courtesy of Larry Walker Jr.Larry Walker Jr. is going on a mission trip to help people in Zambia, Africa Jammel Cutler

HUDSON — When Larry Walker Jr. graduates from Columbia-Greene Community College in December with an associate’s degree in criminal justice, instead of going out and looking for a job, he plans to travel to Zambia on a mission trip to work on building churches and digging water wells for the country’s residents. While Walker, of Hudson, will spend Thanksgiving with his family, he will continue giving this holiday season by helping out and volunteering in and around Hudson before he travels to Africa in January.

Walker will join Trail Missions, an organization based in Zambia and founded seven years ago. In that time, the organization has been building churches and drilling over 70 water wells while bringing the Gospel to Zambians.

“On January 15, 2024, I am going to be living in Zambia, Africa, for three months with an organization called Trail Missions,” Walker said. “While I’m there, I will be planting/building churches, assisting and attending the Bible school, building water wells in remote villages, and most importantly, sharing the Gospel.”
Serving those in need has been in Walker’s blood since he was young, he said. In 2021, he went on a mission trip to Guatemala where he helped build homes for other missionaries.”

“I grew up attending Rock Solid Church in Hudson where serving in the mission field in the United States and overseas is common,” Walker said. “Growing up, I’ve always had the heart to serve. In 2021, I went on my first overseas mission trip to Guatemala. When I was in Guatemala, I assisted in building a residential facility for other missionaries.”

Walker recalled an incident when he gave away a used mattress to villagers in Guatemala, which gave him a deeper appreciation for the little things in life.

“While there, I remember throwing out old mattresses and watching the villagers come and take the mattresses we threw out,” Walker said. “They were so happy and thankful, and it made me see how blessed I was to live in America. This humbling experience helped me be grateful for the things I already have in life. It also showed me that material things don’t really bring you true happiness. God has shown his love towards me and it has compelled my heart to serve him. It’s time for me to be obedient and step into the calling he’s placed on my life.”

Walker wants to help provide Zambians with clean water and he feels that being apart of something that will help enrich the lives of other people is something that Walker feels will stay with him for the rest of his life, he added.

“In Africa, I hope to learn about culture and be a helping hand to those in need,” Walker said. “Having access to clean water for those in remote villages is important. Knowing that I’m going to be a part of helping those in need is a rewarding experience that will last a lifetime. When I return home, I plan to share my experiences with other youth groups and local organizations. “ Walker said he thinks this mission work will help young people have a better understanding of the world and challenges facing other people throughout the world.

“I really believe that young people need to see the rest of the world to gain an understanding of who they are and who they can be,” Walker said. “My intentions are to go and serve, but I know that I will leave Africa a better person with bigger dreams.”