Frequently Asked Questions – Multi-factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication refers to an additional layer of security that is added to the login process.

MFA relies on two forms of authentication: something you know, and something you own or have with you. The something you know is your C-GCC username and password. The something you have with you can be a mobile device, tablet, or landline phone. This means that even if your password is hacked, your account will be more secure.

You may have already used MFA while accessing account information on your bank, shopping, and online gaming website or app. Today, many organizations are using MFA to verify the legitimacy of a login by sending a push notification or one-time passcode (OTP) to the account owner who will use the notification information to login to their account.

Who needs to set up MFA?

All students and employees using Office 365, Brightspace, Banner Self Service, Degree Works, Circle In, and the College VPN are required to use MFA.

What are my authentication options?

Microsoft recommends using an authenticator app with push notifications as the preferred authentication method. Other authentication options are available to choose during the set up process. You will need to use your personal device to set up MFA.

What if I don’t own a mobile phone?

If you do not own a mobile phone, tablet or similar internet connected device, please contact the IT Department using our technical support portal at

What if I do not activate Multi-Factor Authentication?

Since MFA is required for Office 365, Brightspace, Banner Self Service, DegreeWorks, Circle In, and the College VPN (Virtual Private Network), you will not be able to access these applications using your C-GCC credentials if you do not activate MFA.

I am having trouble setting up MFA. Is there more help available?

For a video tutorial on setting up MFA, please visit

What if my question hasn’t been answered in these FAQs?

If you have a question that has not been answered, please contact the IT Department using our technical support portal at