Student Account FAQ

Q: I was told I have a college provided e-mail account and that I will also need to use it to access Brightspace for my courses. Is that true?

A: Yes, all registered students are provided a user account in CGCC’s computer system that grants the student access to several computer services on campus. This CGCC user account allows you to access Brightspace which is our online course content delivery system. The account also allows you to access Microsoft Office 365, which not only provides you with a CGCC e-mail account, it also provides you access to download and use the latest version of the Microsoft Office product suite (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) on up to FIVE devices including tablets and smartphones. Also included in Office 365 is 1TB of online storage using OneDrive and access to web based versions of the Microsoft Office products that can be run right in your web browser without needing to download and install the software.

Q: How much does it cost to use Microsoft Office 365?

A: You can use the Microsoft Office 365 products at no cost for the entire time that you are enrolled as a student at CGCC. When you cease to be a current student, your Office 365 access will end.

Q: How do I know what my username and password are?

A: When you apply and are accepted, CGCC will send your account information to the personal e-mail address you used to apply. This information includes your CGCC account username, and a link to the password reset portal where you will set your password.

Q: I never received/can’t find the email containing my account information. What do I do?

A: First, please make sure you are checking the personal email that you gave us. If you never received the email, please check your junk mail or spam folder, in case your email provider automatically put it there. If you still cannot find the email, contact the Registration Office either by email or by phone at 518.697.6420 for assistance.

Q: I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

A: How to set/reset your password:

  • Navigate to the password reset portal using the information provided in your welcome email. You’ll see a window titled “Get back into your account.”
  • Enter your Columbia-Greene email address, and complete the Captcha below it. Keep in mind that if you answer the Captcha incorrectly you will be prompted again until you answer it correctly. Choose the audio option or refresh to a new Captcha if you cannot accurately answer the one on the screen.
  • Click the Next button.
  •  The next screen is “verification step 1” where you will choose the contact method to use to verify your identity. The options will depend on the information you have provided to us in your original application to Columbia-Greene Community College and may include any or all of the following: Email my alternate email; Text my mobile phone; Call my mobile phone. Select the option you wish to use, then click the button that pops up corresponding to the selected option. Note: if you select options involving your mobile phone, you will want to have that phone with you while you perform the password set/reset.
  • In the verification communication sent to you by Microsoft, you will receive a 6 digit verification code. Enter that code into the box on your screen labeled “Enter your verification code” and click Next.
  • Enter the password you wish to use in both of the boxes on the next screen and submit. It’s best to use a password you do not use anywhere else, and which includes upper and lower case letters, at least one number and at least one non-alphanumeric character or symbol.
  • After submitting the password, you should be able to log into your account.