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If you mean business, you already know the importance of ROI: Return on Investment. A business degree from Columbia-Greene delivers a big payback for small tuition. That's real ROI.

Why Study Business?

Building a business takes more than a good idea. It requires an understanding of finance, marketing, law, and technology, to name just a few. Columbia-Greene’s business programs provide a foundation in each of those areas, so you can go on to earn a bachelor’s degree or pursue an entry-level job in a corporation, private industry, or government.

Flexible class schedules include in-person, online, and remote options.

Program Options

Credits: 61 | Time to Completion: 2 years

Curriculum Code: 2539 | Liberal Arts Credits: 21 | Program Credits: 40

The program has been designed to prepare a student for employment or advancement in a business or public sector environment. Students will show proficiency through online class work, and successful completion of a required internship experience, which will be remotely administered with electronic log and status report submissions. Students will be able to complete the 61 required credits of this Business degree within four semesters with all required coursework offered in a fully online format.

Earning an online/remote degree does not mean giving up hands-on experience. You’ll complete a semester-long internship as part of the A.A.S. program, so you’ll see firsthand the value of what you’ve learned.

Course CodeCourseCredits
EN 101Composition 3
EN 105Technical Writing 3
HU ELEHumanities Elective 3
MA 103Business Mathematics 3
SC ELEScience Elective 3
SL ELESocial Science Electives 6
Liberal Arts Credits:21
AC 101Financial Accounting 3
AC 116QuickBooks 3
BU 103Foundations of Business 3
BU 105Business Communications 3
BU 211Business Experience Internship 3
BU 220Business Ethics 3
BU 230Management 3
BU ELEBusiness Electives 6
CE 101College Experience 1
CI 105Computer Applications 3
CS 116Contemporary Computer Concepts 3
HU ELEHumanities Elective 3
SL 115Conflict Resolution 3
Program Credits:40
Minimum Credits:61