Customer Skills for Professions Microcredential

Why Earn Your Customer Skills for Professions Microcredential?

The Customer Skills for Professions Microcredential is an exciting non-credit opportunity for current employees and professionals in a variety of fields, in addition to students who are already enrolled in Technical Professions programs who interact with customers on a regular basis and are looking to enhance customer service. The Microcredential is open to anyone, including local business and industry partners, and focuses specifically on enhancing customer skills, exploring models of customer-centric service, and empowering professionals to adapt to diverse customer behaviors in a variety of industry-specific settings.

Program Options

16-hour non-credit employer/industry-specific course (plus Capstone Experience)

Learners who complete the Customer Skills for Professions will demonstrate a thorough understanding of their job-specific role in customer interactions. They will understand the benefits of customer-centric service, as well as adapt to specific and diverse customer behaviors. By employing customer-centric techniques to deal with stressful situations and challenging conversations, successful completers will demonstrate their ability to overcome barriers to outstanding delivery. Through the development of a personal action plan, they will identify areas for continued growth and professional development in job-specific customer service.

Capstone Experience: After practice with several scenarios, students will be assigned a case study related to their industry/workplace. Students will gather information about the situation, evaluate the approaches applied, and suggest successful strategies. In addition, students will identify their own strengths and weaknesses in communicating with customers and submit a personal action plan for growth and professional development in this area.

Careers & Outcomes

As a short, focused opportunity, the Microcredential is specifically designed to provide in-demand skills, know-how and experience. This credential is also “stackable” to provide a pathway to a certificate or full degree, now or when you are ready.