professor teaching a computer class

Computer Science

A tech-driven world that changes daily needs a tech-savvy workforce. By 2030, computer science-related fields will need an additional 670,000 professionals.

Why Study Computer Science?

The world has gone digital, but computer science is about more than technology. Identifying problems—and finding solutions—form the core of the discipline. Training at Columbia-Greene provides the skills needed to become a cyber-security sleuth who can thwart insidious ransomware attacks, an engineer adept with the cloud, or an information technology (IT) pro who can design a company-wide network.

As teamwork plays a vital role in many computer science careers, required classes improve writing and communication and bolster logic and computation skills.

Columbia-Greene provides the tools students need in a rigorous field that demands critical thought—and can open the door to the advanced degrees needed to unlock the best jobs in the industry.

Computer science is a dynamic and rapidly growing area that is an integral part of the world that we live in today. Almost every piece of modern technology likely requires components designed using computer science. A degree in this field will provide you with a deep understanding of theories and emerging technologies, which will allow you to develop cutting-edge solutions that address today’s challenges.

Program Options

Credits: 61 | Time to Completion: 2 years

Curriculum Code: 0532 I Liberal Arts Credits: 30 I Program Credits: 31

Become a go-to tech expert who learns to use and talk about computers and technology. Sharpen problem-solving skills while becoming a more effective writer and communicator. Computer Science graduates leave Columbia-Greene well prepared to enter a bachelor’s degree program and major in computer science, computer information systems, or a related field.

This program prepares students for transfer to complete work for a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems, or related fields.

Course CodeCourseCredits
EN 101Composition 3
EN 102Composition and Literature 3
Humanities Elective OR
Socal Science Elective OR
Science Elective OR
Mathematics Elective
MA 111Pre-Calculus 4
MA ELEMathematics Elective 4
HU ELEHumanities Elective 3
SC ELELab Science Elective 4
SL ELESocial Science Elective 3
Liberal Arts Credits:30
CE 101College Experience 11
CS 134Computer and Informatics Science I 4
CS 154JAVA Programming 3
CS 256Computer Science II 4
CS ELEComputer Science Electives* 6
GN ELEGeneral Electives 13
Program Credits:31
Minimum Credits:61
*Note: It is important to consult with your advisor or transfer counselor to discuss the requirements of the transfer institution prior to registering for class.