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Fine Arts

Careers in the arts are vibrant, varied and ever-changing.

Why Study Fine Arts?

At Columbia-Greene, Fine Arts students have the opportunity to lay the foundation for upper-level class work and a wide variety of careers in the Visual Arts. The art facilities at Columbia-Greene are among the best art facilities in the region, under accomplished faculty with real-world professional experience in the arts.

Program Options

Credits: 61 | Time to Completion: 2 years

This course of study provides a foundation in computer graphics, animation, design, drawing, sculpture, and photography. It is designed primarily for students who plan to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree. Fine arts students will learn in the studio in a professional atmosphere.

The Fine Arts program encourages academically strong students to apply to the Honors Program, a challenging environment that enables highly motivated students to best develop their creative abilities and thus ensure their future professional success.

Transfer opportunities include, but are not limited to: SUNY New Paltz, University at Albany- SUNY, SUNY Purchase, SUNY Plattsburgh, The College of Saint Rose, Cazenovia, Rhode Island School of Design, Russell Sage, Skidmore, San Francisco Art Institute, Savannah College of Art and Design and Bard College.

Course CodeCourseCredits
AR 107Visual Arts-2D 3
AR 108Visual Arts- 3D 3
AR 118Figure Drawing 3
AR 119Basic Drawing 3
AR ELEArt Electives 9
EN 101Composition 3
EN 102Composition and Literature 3
MA ELEMathematics Elective 3
SC ELELab Science Elective 3
SL ELESocial Science Elective 12
Liberal Arts Credits:45
AR ELEArt Elective 3
CE 101College Experience 1
GN ELEGeneral Electives 12
Program Credits:16
Minimum Credits:61

Note: Only CI 105 can be substituted for an AR Elective.

Careers & Outcomes