Faculty Rights & Responsibilities

When a request for an academic adjustment is received, the faculty member has the right to ask the OAS for verification of eligibility for the requested academic adjustment. Faculty members, however, do not have the right to ask a student if she or he has a disability, request information concerning the nature of a student’s disability or view the student’s documentation without the student’s written consent.

The OAS is the only office designated to review disability documentation and determine eligibility for appropriate academic adjustments. Faculty should not provide academic adjustments to students other than those specified in the student’s Access Plan without first consulting with the OAS.

Faculty members are not expected to provide academic adjustments which compromise the content or the essential requirements of the course. Faculty members have the right to expect students to understand academic policies, course standards and requirements, and policies and requirements for graduation.

Faculty members have the right to expect students to request academic adjustments in a timely manner. It is likewise the faculty member’s responsibility to provide academic adjustments in a timely manner, as well as to respect the student’s right to privacy and to maintain confidentiality.

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